Born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa, Lola Falore is our founder, creative director, and the brain behind Ghlam Boutique and Ghlam Hairline. Growing up as a young girl, Lola was always known for her unique ways of mixing and matching simple fabric pieces to create exceptional looks. This quickly earned her popularity amongst family and friends who scrambled to her for consultations and assistance with their fashion and styling needs. Lola Falore, a true combination of beauty and brains relocated to the USA in 1999, after a successful Nursing and Midwifery training in Nigeria. Known for always pushing the limits, Lola refused to rest her laurels on previous achievements and decided to advance her career in the US to become a Registered nurse. After almost 20 years of diverse experiences, especially in critical care nursing while working with various hospitals in the US, her inherent gift for fashion kept calling for expression.

However, being a limit pusher, Lola set the bar higher and went on to build a successful Home Health Nursing business, which is well-established and known for quality healthcare service delivery.

Over the years, her intrinsic passion for fashion could no longer be repressed, and this motivated her to institute Ghlam boutique (GB) – A subtle blend of classy and unique couture, GB’s outfits are a combination of both American, European and African styles, hence creating avenues of expressions for everyone and few months after initiation of (GB)Ghlam Hair line was innovated, A sister company that provides a Luxury line of 100% Virgin Human hair for classy ladies to showcase their beauties at every opportunity.

Ghlam Inc is dream of every fashionista looking to balance her looks with different Human Hair, styles and pattern. At GB, there is something for every woman as our collection features virtually all the leading trends in the global Hair industry.

Our hope is to make every woman looking glamorous at every outing.

Thank you for reading.